Woodland Christmas Stocking DIY


If you are anything like me you will have a few more things to pick up for Christmas, and a few more decorations to hang before Tuesday. Maybe you are like my darling aunt, Flo Anne she never put her Christmas tree up before Christmas Eve. Or, maybe you need a last minute gift wrapping for that great bottle of whiskey you bought someone. I’ve got you covered. My first DIY on the blog is to show you how to make a cute and quick Woodland Stag Stocking.  See, I had planned on making cross stitch ones from What Delilah Did, but I just ran out of time, so I created these cute little felt stockings inspired by that one.. Next year they can be passed down to the dogs (yes we are those kind of people who give the pups stockings).




Here is what you’ll need:

The Pattern For the Stag and Stocking (you could also draft your own stocking from one you already own)

Two pieces of 12in x 13in felt in the main color (MC) 

One Piece of 7in x 6in Felt in contrasting color (CC) 

One Piece of 1.5in x 6in Felt in contrasting color 

Matching Thread 

Embroidery Floss in Contrasting Color 

Embroidery Needle 

Scissors (the ones you use for paper) 


First, you’ll need to cut out the stocking pattern out of both of the 12in x 13in pieces of felt. 


Next You need to cut out the stag pattern from the 7in x 6in piece of felt. I use a little bit of clear tape to hold down the fiddlely bits of the antlers. This is why I suggest you use your Paper scissors not your fabric scissors. 


Next position the stag on the front of your stocking (the stocking toe should be pointed to the left).

Then, sew the stag to the front of the stocking. 


The next step is to take the 1.5in x 5in piece of felt, fold it in half and sandwich it between the two layers of the stocking. Sew it into place with three lines of stitches, the first being 1/4 inch from the edge. 

Next: sew all the way around the two stocking pieces, Use a 1/4 inch seam. I reinforced the seam in the heel and in the bottom of the stocking. 

Now, let’s blanket stitch around the the two layers of felt. I use the 1/4 seam as a guide for how deep the stitches should be. Don’t know how to do the blanket stitch? Here is a useful tutorial and a video.


All that is left to do hang the stocking and admire your handiwork.


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