Overheating, Neck Cramps and a contest!

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I am giving my neck and my poor little Janome a break to talk about sewing machines for a second with you. Everyone has met greta my ancient sewing singer with the vibrating shuttle for a bobbin. And right now i am sewing on a Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 machine. (poor no named slob) 



I was luck enough to learn to sew on a singer featherweight, I sewed on that until I moved to California. After a few months of not sewing in California I got a Kenmore Ultra Mini who I called little pink. (it just so happens that the little pink is the same 3/4 machine as my Hello Kitty one) While I’ve gotten less embarrassed and even grown to love my little hello kitty machine her 3/4 size and her lack of a drop in bobbin or self threading needle is starting to drive me NUTS.  I want a full size machine, I want a fully computerized machine. I looked a few Pfaff and Husqvarna machines but what really turned my head was the lovely Aurora 450 by Bernina but at a 3500 dollar price tag that is gonna have to be my NEXT upgrade. For this upgrade I am shooting for this. 

Bernette 20 Standard 0

The lovely all computerized Bernette 20. it comes with 6 different feet, 60 decorative stitches (hello new make up bag). It also has an adjustable foot that will help with sewing thru the (sometimes) 6 layers of felt that occurs while making the owl and raccoon cases. This one has a more powerful motor than my machine. While it is still kind of pricey it is kind of steal for a bernina. That said I have about half of the cost saved up! I am so so close to being able to go over to my local Bernina dealer and take my beautiful bernette home!


Here is the contest. I need to sell about 5 cases to make it to my goal.  So I have a special ofter for the person who does. The person who pushes me over the goal will get a matching iPhone case FREE before they are available for sale in the shop!  Good Luck Everyone! Fingers Crossed (for you and me) 

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