Right now there is a giant knot where my shoulder meets my neck. I am also wide awake munching on leftover pad thai. While these would not seem like reason’s to be happy, I am so excited about how beehouse has been doing. Seeing how happy my customers were when there cases arrived was awesome! Today I made my first and SECOND Etsy. I am so very excited with my numbers in this first week. (seriously a new sewing machine is looking like a possibility not just a dream! ) Even today’s defeats seem less dramatic. Fox Purse became Fox Pillow, and I still managed to create a fox accessory for the craft show this weekend. It’s been a big eventful week since i pushed open.



I also recorded and published the first episode of The Beehive. And then recorded my first episode with my first guest! It was great. She was awesome, sweet and funny. Today was a day for kicking ass. 



Tomorrow brings more sewing, a trip to the fabric store and a some last minute outfit maneuvering. I also want to organize my office and work on a better blogging schedule. Somehow I thought opening up the store would stunt my creative streak but it thankfully has been quite the opposite. 

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