Shop Update: Beehouse is now on Etsy

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 9.11.53 PM

A few people asked me why I wasn’t on Etsy.  The only answer i could give was that I like being in control of the whole system with big cartel. So I poked around and really liked the community behind the shops on Etsy so I took the plunge spent an evening getting the Etsy shop up. I am having lots of fun making treasuries, hanging out in the forums and obsessively checking my stats! Hoping to hear the first sweet Ka-Ching on my iPhone for the first sale. Fingers Crossed everyone!  If you are on Etsy lets be friends and follow each other! I’d love to see all the amazing goodies you find on Etsy. My user name/shopid is abeehouse  You can also click that big I sell on etsy banner in the side bar, or the etsy link at the top! Getting super excited for Crafty Wonderland this weekend! ( gotta make a new dress!) I am also making an amazing bag that I hope will help me promote the shop where ever I go.

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