Holiday Planning: Thanksgiving Serving Dishes


Hello everyone! 


I cannot believe how fast this fall is flying by. Thanksgiving is next thursday!!!!!  All week Pouring over Vegetarian times/VegNews for recipes. Thanksgiving is kind of easy for me this year. Collin and I are both transplants to Oregon we’ve decided to stay here this year. So I thought it would be fun to make a sweet and romantic day of it. I have planned out breakfast, lunch and dinner for just the two of us. It should be a lot of fun just hanging around the house cooking watching the dog show with our pups. 


So all this next week I plan on showing you some of my favorite tricks and tips for pulling off a multi meal thanksgiving.  Today let’s start with serving dishes.



Vintage Pyrex is my go to. they bake great, they look awesome on your table, then you put the little lids on and they are fridge ready (let it cool down some before putting it in the fridge) I really wish pyrex would go retro on me and make some new designs! (how amazing is that set? One of Collin’s developer friends set me them. They were his mother’s. I truly adore them) 


Screen Shot 2012 11 16 at 11 15 22 AM

If you are not into the vintage hunt for pyrex a good modern alternative is white porcelain bakers. The one above is from World Market, they make reasonable priced ones that also are durable and pretty. Ikea also makes some very lovely white oven ware. 


Trygg serving bowl 0130130 PE285440 S4

For big large salads nothing beats the Trygg Bowl from Ikea. recently they came out with this slightly small and frosted stripe version. It is so lovely and the price cannot be beat at 2 bucks! 


I am in need of a really nice platter. One of my goals for the new year is to eat more food at our dining room table. I want to have a nice patter to be able to serve a side and a main course on. It must be dishwasher safe and Pretty. I have my eye on two. 

Screen Shot 2012 11 16 at 12 24 35 PM

The Claudette Platter from World Market. I love that it is bold and bright. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have had. 


Screen Shot 2012 11 16 at 12 29 24 PM

The second is the Antique Scroll Platter from Pier1 I like that it is white and neutral but not boring. It reminds me of my great aunts fine china with all the scallops ad scrolls. I think this would be a fun piece to mix with. 

Those are some of my favorite baking/serving pieces. Have a great weekend! 

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