Frogging the skirt & the NaKniSweMo derailment.

Lots of sewers have the debate, sew basics (cake) or sew pretty frivolous things (frosting). I think I’ve been pretty successful at making cake pieces that are draped in a bit of frosting. When It comes to knitting, I’m not so successful. I love my Farmstead cardigan. I love the color I chose. I just do not love knitting it for long stretches of time. It’s not thrilling. It’s cream and long long rows of stockinette. I need to work on some things for thanksgiving, I took a break to knit a few hats and a scarf this week. It just looks like the 30th is not going to be possible.  I will still finish it, I am hoping to finish it for christmas in fact. I am still going to try to participate in NaKniSweMo by working on this lovely cardigan: The May Shrug 

DSC 2068 full

That where I am at with NaKniSweMo. oh well maybe next year I can finish it! 

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