Happy Birthday Big Kitty.


A two years ago you were the size of a potato… your eyes had not yet open…  You would grow a little bit, learn to walk, and to bark and 4 months later you would come home to live with me. We’ve been thick as thieves since. 

highres_22121132I am so used to the jingle of your collar as you follow me from room to room I hear you snoring under my chair while I sew or digging in the trash when you are tired of being ignored 


You’ve chewed everything in my house from knitting needles to Expensive in ear headphones. You destroyed a lingerie store worth of unmentionables. But how can someone be mad at those sweet eyes. 


You’ve gotten so good at walking. You even will walk in the rain and cold as long as you have your trusty red sweatshirt. 

Sleeping mama, sleeping!

Most days I find you sleeping on the bottom step, or on the couch. Saving up your energy… 

Checking out the new yard

For your big silly zooms around the backyard.

Sweet little abalard


Happy Birthday Abalard. You are my champion.  When I am hurt or sick you are right their hanging out making goofy dachshund faces and trying to make me laugh. You are the best dog a girl could ever ask for I can’t believe you are already two. It seems like yesterday you were just a little cow. 

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