Gathered: A Weekly Delight From Molly Makes


When the iPad was announced, it might as well have been called iMagazine because all I saw it as was a digital magazine delivery system. I love magazines. I love perfectly styled rooms and capturing the light just right as it hits a glass of white wine. I love windblown models looking chic in what ever terrain you throw them in. The only down side is I want to horde them. For years I moved boxes and boxes of magazines from apartment to apartment. Knitting Cooking, Beauty it didn’t matter.. they took up a lot of space in my life. I wish I could profess my love for iPad magazines. The concept is rarely if ever tailor made to the device. Most magazines come to you as giant PDF scans of the print magazine. At their very best they get the job done. I get to read and swoon over the photos of my favorite titles ever month.  At worst they are a storage hogging, crash ridden, video advertising hell ride. So when a company produces a weekly magazine that is tailor made for the iPad, I get a bit giddy. Enter Gathered by Molly Makes. 


I adore Molly Makes, I love that there is an iPad version so I do not have to stalk my local bookstore to grab one of the few precious copies of this amazing english crafting/lifestyle magazine. So the idea that I would get all of the whimsy and charm of Molly Makes delivered once a week was awesome. Then I experienced their UI. First off, you can copy text! (something that is annoyingly missing from most magazines. ) Secondly, websites are linked!. Seriously one of the most frustrating things about iOS magazines is the lack of being able to click on website addresses and being shown that web site. Seriously couple that with inability to copy said link and paste into safari and you see where the hell ride begins. Copying and Pasting works like a charm. Click on a link and it brings up that site in an internal web view! (thank you for not booting us over to safari) Also amazing is the ability to scroll thru the entire issue. See those little ribbons, they link you to the front page of each different section. I  love the integrated sharing as well! 




Another thing that Gathered does well, is it’s use of video. They are informative and fun, but if you are in a crowded place, or laying next to your sleeping boyfriend they don’t just automatically play. (i’m looking at you Ms. Stewart) 


Beyond the great UI there is awesome content.  All of the craft projects had detailed instructions with photos. The articles and interviews were thoughtful and really well written. It helps they chose to feature one of my favorite bloggers, Meredith from One Sheepish Girl!  I am so excited to get next week’s issue! I hope that you go to the App Store and Check it out! 

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  1. hello there! I am with you on this one! I think this Gathered magazine looks so wonderful and I am doubly excited because (I have a little Etsy shop) my yarn letters are featured in this month's Mollie Makes magazine. I received an email about a month ago asking if I would o a DIY for them and I was so, so, so very excited. I haven't seen the magazine yet– it came out last Friday in the UK, but hasn't hit the stands here in the US yet:( Anywho, long story short– yes! I like these Mollie Makes people 🙂

    I am so looking forward to meeting you at the blogger meetup, too!

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