On The Needles: Scallop Of The Sea.


It was an average Monday until the e-mail from Holla Knits showed up in my inbox. I scrolled thru their lovely selection of new fall accessories… Then I saw it. This lovely fold over clutch, big enough for my iPad, covered in scallops. SWOON. I snatched up the pattern, and biked over to Close Knits as fast as I could. Cascade 220 Sport was a perfectly lovely choice for this pattern.At $5.00 a ball it didn’t break the bank and I know it will be sturdy enough to handle being roughed around as my go to clutch of the fall.  I



t was fun to knit with and the pattern is so well written. I am thinking of a way to add a cute leather handle to my next one (oh yes there will be more) This was also a pretty quick knit. The pattern is a little bit addictive. You get a few color work rows then a few rows of straight knitting. I started monday night and was done friday morning.  Another important lesson never judge color work by it’s pre-blocked state.


This Lumpy Mess became this


It only took a good 15 minute bath in soak (celebration scent) and cold water. I stretched and pinned and let it sit over night.


Finished… well sorta.. I would love to say that everything was sunshine and roses about this lovely clutch there was however something that was not. The lining, it is no fault of the pattern.. it was the fabric I picked. for what ever reason one it started to fray it was not gonna stop, It caused me fits and starts pulling away from the zipper… I think if i would have had a serger to finish the seams it would have been ok but it was not a good choice for a lining. So I am planning on getting some lovely echino canvas to help it wear better. but the clutch made it thru the portland meet up(more on that tomorrow) and even held my camera like a champ! I am seriously crushing on this I can’t wait to get it’s forever lining attached.






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