Girl About Town: Kruger Farms.



Saturday afternoon, Collin and I packed up the pups and headed out to Kruger Farms. The farm is located on Sauvie Island. The leland is  one of my favorite places here in portland. It is the largest river island in the United States and it full of farms that ofter u-pick and other goodies. The Kruger Farm is my favorite.





On the way out to the island we pass this funny subway. It always seems so strange to me that they kept the old diner sign just put the subway logo in it.



People riding a tandem bike!


The Sauvie Island Bridge, is one of my favorites, I love the open iron trusses


fall floral diptic 2012

The farm is full of zinnias right now. They were just 10 cents a stem it hard to pick zinnias when you are walking one very excited dachshund.



Collin and I had fresh roasted corn on the cob with Captured By Porches Red Rye Ale. (YUM)


Three very excited boys.


Diptic of fall 2012 vol 1

Inside the farm stand there was the last gasps of summer and the first signs of fall. I brought home Tomatoes and Blackberries.


One of the best reasons to drive out to Sauvie Island is I get to visit my favorite bridge, The St. Johns bridge.


Fall is slowly creeping up on us this year. There is a cold chill in the breeze. Last year it seemed so abrupt. We left for Denver and came home to fall. This year seams to be taking it’s time. I am a bit anxious for it now. I want tights and sweaters and layers now!

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