Colette Pattern Launch




Last week on Wednesday, the lovely sewing studio Modern Domestics hosted a pattern launch for the new Colette Patterns Fall line.  This lovely little shop let’s you rent machines by the hour. They also teach a ton of sewing classes. there was lovely spread of cupcakes, and fruit and sangria out for this launch party. Of course the main event was a short Q &A with Sarai the owner and designer of Colette Patterns!


She was wearing a lovely green shift dress! I got to talk to her for a few minutes about coat weight wool for my new winter coat and bought two patterns ( peony and Jasmine) because if you wore something made from a colette pattern you got 25% off! (of course I forgot to take an outfit photo)


I spy some gorgeous Colette samples!  This was a lovely event it was great to see so many lovely ladies out in their colette pattern dresses!

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