The End Of Summer

I cannot believe that September has flown by so fast!  Fall is here in portland, we’ve had a few cloudy sunless days. Friday morning it was misting when I walked to the bus.  Days around here have been filled with knitting and sewing and coffee dates and lots of baking. We try to soak up as much sunshine as possible. Here is a few moments from the last month.


Working on a bright yellow Wispy cardigan


Rode Daisy for a  trip to get dinner.


My adorable coffee cozy at the adorable local coffee shop.


Dive Bar Decor.

IMG_0941The First handmade bag of the fall. It is from this book.



The Pendleton Woolen Market Mill End Store… SO SO LOVELY!


Our New Pendleton Woolen Blanket.. It was one of the Pottery Barn editions and we got it for a song! It so lovely to sleep under!



My Fall Coat. Collin bought me the lovely plaid wool. I need to find a suitable lining and some interfacing and I am good to get started!


My new handmade Cambie Dress. The start of the second hat of the fall.


It is all shaped with short rows. I am having so much fun knitting it I have a lavender and cream one planned for this fall/winter as well.


Back to Eden… the best vegan bakery ever!


The sweet little cards in the alcove at back to eden.


Vegan milkshake date! I got a chocolate cookies and cream and Collin got vanilla chai. but of course the big news of the month is..


Taking with 4s and iOS 6


The new phone is amazing. It so incredibly light and the camera is  fast. I am a lucky girl indeed. I got up at 4:00am ventured down to the apple store on the bus got there around 5:30 and had my phone by 10am. I needed to go back and have it swapped out cause i got a faulty screen but over all it was a pleasant day. I keep playing with my phone and I have barely touched my iPad. I am sure that things will settle out in a few days. I love new iPhone/ipad day. I love learning about all the cool thing the new operating system can do.

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