Things I make with my hands…


Ever since I was a little girl I loved to make things. I would make my barbie dolls dresses out of paper that I had drawn fanciful five year old ideas of lace and ribbons and bows.  It didn’t stop, in high school I cut every piece of clothing I could get my hands on.  This drive has lead to me making my own purses, hats, jewelry and clothing over the years. People in my life have pushed and pleaded for me to start selling the things I create. Now I am getting a chance. Click the little link that says Shop and check out the few things I have up. Right now things are in two different categories, there is Modern Victoria that is full of demure and sweet things that i think queen Victoria would wear if she was going out on dates with Albert today. The other is Sugar and Spice, think skulls and bats and things that are a little bit morose. Right now there is just a few necklaces is up, but the store is going to be a flurry of action in the next few weeks as I  add hats, brooches, purses and more.

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