So it has been two months since I bought Lavinia. (check out her lovely new basket) The second 4 weeks have been far easier then the first. I still get pain in my arm ( thank you plates and screws). But I have been riding to appointments and to make errands without Collin. I ride up and down Vancouver and Williams bikeway like a champ. I even passed someone this week! Thursday I clocked around 13.3 miles in the saddle. I am almost back to pre-accident form.

Tomorrow Collin and I are hoping to make it over to the SE Sunday Parkways. My goal back in May was to be strong enough to bike to one of these amazing Portland events. This weekend it looks like I will get my chance! This week I also plan to take my beloved daisy out around the neighborhood.

As luck would have it Barb, the very stylish lady behind BikeStyle links to me in her latest post about biking in Portland. I am so glad that the drivers of Portland were gracious and kind on her trip here. It also is a great reminder of how well connected the biking lanes are here. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all of the ways it could be better and forget to enjoy the ride. Thanks again Barb for the link! Please take a second to check out BikeStyle, it is one of the first places I look for what going on in stylish bike accessories.

Lastly a giant thanks to Mayor Sam Adams, who this week closed right hand turns on one of the most dangerous intersections in town. As someone who has regular doctors appointments that bring her down this dangerous stretch of road thank you. Thanks for having the guts and the leadership to place human life above convenience.

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