Girl About Town: Mash Tun Brew Pub

Last night after a slow and cooped up weekend, Collin and I biked over to Mash Tun Brew Pub. This is one of the only late night places that has vegan food in our neighborhood. Granted it is grease bar food but it is sooo delish!

In the summer they have a charming little patio. I love eating out side. There just isn’t a lot of opportunity to do that here. Next door to the bar is this charming little landscaping lot.

This charming little brew pub just upgraded to 7 new brewery tanks. That right fresh brewed house beer. One of my favorite beers is there Concordia Cream Ale. Named for the neighborhood the pub is located.

Last night I had the Alberta St. Ale. It was a touch on the bitter side but still great.


I love their French fries! They are crispy and slightly greasy and amazing. They also have killer tots!

But a girl cannot however live on potatoes alone, so I got the Falafal to go with my fries. Yum! Their tzatziki sauce was out of this world!

If you plan on visiting portland be sure to make a stop here it is located in the lovely Alberta Arts District, and one of the best local breweries here in town.

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