Progress on 29 before 30

I have seen a few people do a progress report on their birthday goal lists. I thought this is as good as time as any to start.

1. Knit a Cardigan- well I was well on my way to getting this goal accomplished before the accident. I just started knitting again on friday. If this shawl goes well I think a cropped cardigan could be in my future.

2. draw 3 or more days a week – I don’t know if i have been doing this everyweek but I did spend a lot of time drawing when my arm was first broken. It was really the only thing i could do with one hand.

3. Wear Dresses 4 days a week or more. Done Done and Done… I have been wearing dresses everyday since my last pair of jeans met their death in the jaws or a brown 18 month old dachshund.

4. Paint 4 paintings- Not even started. πŸ™ I really would like to do this soon… I think fall is gonna be my painting season.

5. Take 24 Rolls of film. This year has been a big year for me. I have finally broken free of my film lust. Don’t get me wrong I still love the smell of Kodak Portra VC. I am just not sure with all of kodak’s financal troubles how long my beloved film bases will be around… I am changing this goal.. Taking 120 photos a week with my micro 4/3.

6. Bake 15 different kinds of bread. I’ve baked 2. I still have plent of time to catch up and make this happen!

7. Blog more, promote the blog more, Make blogger friends- This one has been hit and miss. Sometimes I am really good about blog a lot and sometime I am just bad at it. I think that the accident has had a lot of affect on this. I just haven’t felt like I have been doing anything very intersting.

8. Sew the Puppies walking harnesses- have the fabric picked out… haven’t even started drafting them… Putting it in omni focus and on ical for next month!

9. Go to Amsterdamn- I keep checking flight prices… but this goal is looking like it may have to get carried over till next year πŸ™ The buying a new bike and paying of medical bills has kind of zapped up a lot of my free money. πŸ™

10. Make better use of the farmers market- We did great at this when the market opened. Every Saturday Collin and I would bike down to the market. But since I haven’t been biking on the west side… we haven’t been going… maybe I’ll walk over to the king market this afternoon.

11. Open an online vintage store- Slow going but I am making it happen.. I need to find away to take nice photos of the clothing I have.

12. Collect vintage Pyrex- I have a great start thanks to one of Collin’s friends! three beautiful pyrex bowls… I love them to pieces

13. Collect Modern Fiestawear- Haven’t even started… don’t know if I will

14. Get a Rebecca Minkoff MAB or Cupid- I feel like this one needs to be changed as well. while I will always think that these are my amazing bags. I just don’t need them. I just got a gorgious Theit bag from my boyfriend and really I don’t have eyes for many other bags right now…

15. Get Feather Extentions- Maybe…. I think it is cool… If i can make it happen I will.

16. Make 15 app icons- I have 4 done. I am working on another practice one and I am always looking for a challenge so.

17 Sew 4 Dresses

18 Keep growing my hair out and learn simple vintage styles – this one is hard. I am so tempted to chop my hair of in a gatsby bob it’s not even funny. But yesterday I learned how to do the 50s rolled bang! (see photo above)

19. Sing Shows with Collin. CHECK CHECK CHECK.. If you live in the Portland area Collin and I will be singing at the Waypost on N. Williams on the 31st of August. Be here or be square.

20. Make Soy Yogurt… I need to do this Collin eats soy yogurt like it is going out of style.

21. I have not made ANY jam this year… I need to fix this… starting with Peach butter before all the yummy peaches are gone.

22. Create a Beautiful office- FAIL FAIL FAIL… My office is full of bikes boxes and all kinds of other crazy shit. This needs to change.

23.Go To Vancouver BC- I would love for this to happen… just don’t know if it will… we’ll see fingers crossed…

24. Go thrifiting once a week.- haven’t really done this. Need to start… maybe today!

25. Make 52 new dishes to build up recept vault- I’ve done maybe 15… I need to keep better track of this and get back into the swing of cooking.

26. Explore seattle more- I want to go see the enterprise!!!

27. Go Dancing More- Haven’t gone dancing once πŸ™

28. Buy a LV speedy in Damier Azur- This is gonna be my 30th birthday present to myself.. pinching the pennies to buy it.

29. Publish an e-book of knitting patterns- The patterns are all sketched, some are half knit but i don’t see this and knit a cardigan happening with how weak my hands and wrist is. Oh well.. maybe next year!



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