Girl About Town: Red-e cafe.


I am so excited to introduce my first feature post! Portland, Oregon is such an amazing place to live. We have so many great local coffee roasters and shops. There are a never ending stream of new places to eat (that a rare thing for a vegetarian to say). We have so much good food coffee and beer. Plus we have a thriving boutique and vintage store scene. So I am hoping that these Girl About Town features will give you a taste of the amazing city I call home.  I have lived in small towns and big cities but Portland is by far my favorite.


The first place up is Red e Cafe, This coffee shop was my saving grace while my arm was recovering. This place was just with in walking distance of my house. It got me out and moving and walking around. While I missed riding my bike it was very important for me to be as active as I could and taking walks to the Red E were a big piece of my recovery puzzle. In fact this was the first coffee shop I biked to after I got back on the bike. It was a quick little trip that I could take quite side roads to for the most part.


With in the last year the Red e has also started roasting their own coffee. It is fantastic! This has become one of my favorite bags of beans at home.  When I first fell in love with this place it was because it was one of the few places in town I could get Black Cat Espresso from Intelegencia. (my first and hard to give up love of fancy roasted coffee). They also make killer iced coffee (that they serve from a beer tap) www








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