Announcements and Previews

If you’ve visited the website today, you may notice a new page and a newer header. I changed the image from the bikes to this very art deco inspired icon a few weeks ago. And today I added one to two changes that are in the works. The new page portfolio is now live. I couldn’t be more excited. 12oz Beehouse Photography has taken it first steps in the world. I look forward to shooting clients and products. Right now I am even looking forward to hours and hours of photo editing. (I am sure the glamour of that will wear off quickly)

What else could I have in the works you might ask, well it is two things. First I have been toying around with making some pendents and necklaces. While I am not quite ready to open my shop up. I can give you a sneak peek of what is to come.

Secondly I have the pleasure of singing (and soon playing tambourine) for the handsome man pictured above. He and I sang at an open mic on monday, It was seriously some of the most fun I have had in years. Check him out at collindonnellmusic.com


I promise that little stretch of cross stitch and that mess of thread has something to do with another little project related to this music project. I can’t give up all my little secrets right now so stay tuned to watch how that grows for hints on what it might be.


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