In search of the perfect black handbag.

The new camera lens is a real game changer. I actually feel bad when I leave the house without it. It currently live in my very adorable Piddleloop Piddle bag inside my baggu. But being the heaviest object in my bag, it falls to the bottom under my cross stitch project and my ipad. I have missed a few shots digging around looking for it. Enter the lovely bag above, Theit Bossi Bag in black. (159 CAD + 25 CAD in shipping) This beautiful bag breaks one of my long held rules about black handbags: A Chanel Jumbo Flap in black caviar or none at all.

I may have to break that rule. I mean look at the even quliting ever so inspired by my much coveted Jumbo Flap. Then there is fact that not only is this an incredibly beautiful handbag. It is crazy functional as well.

Look at all that space. I invision my ipad and my wireless keyboard and my lovely micro four thirds camera loving their new little padded home. i even think i may have space for knitting or a crafting project of some kind. Yet another reason to desire and covet this handbag… they make it in the most dreamy winter white.

I forsee a brazen rulebreaker and it’s lovely flaxen sibling sitting my closet in the near future.

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