Happy First Birthday Little Man


One Year ago today this handsome pink nosed man was born. I wouldn’t know their was a hole shaped like him in my heart for another 14 weeks.  But from the moment he jaunted up to Abalard slurped him on the face I knew that he had to be ours. I sweat it out for over an hour while another lady tried to decide if she should take him, or his brother or both. In the end the breeder just had to leave and the lady couldn’t decide. He became ours. I love him. so very much the past year has been really hard. When I came home from the hospital after breaking my arm he would just sit there. and guard my arm from his hyper older brother.  For his birthday I baked him carrot puppy cupcakes. I wanted to take him on a really big walk to his favorite coffee shop but he ate his brother’s collar yesterday and I need to go get him a new one.



Little 14 week old Macintosh ( and his adorable brother)



Checking out the back yard for the first time.



Sleeping nose to nose with his brother.


Happy face from big walk.




On Arm guard duty



waking up on his first birthday with his signature puppy smile.


I love you little buddy.

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