A lovely Piece of Glass.


I know that it is very popular in the blogging and photography worlds to believe that if it isn’t and DSLR it is junk. I couldn’t disagree more. I hope that the photos that you see in this post and in future disprove this theory as well. My very compact Panasonic GF2 has yet to let me down in the year I’ve owned it. The fact that it fits in any purse I own means I am much more inclined to take it. It’s compact size also helps it blend in  when doing street photography. Nothing Kills a great shot like someone noticing the giant Pro sized cameras and then posing instead of being natural.


The majority of year I had been shooting with the Kit lens.  While it is a very slow lens it is a very solid lens, if the lighting conditions were right. I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting with my boyfriends 20mm f1.7panasonic lens.  This very shallow 50mm lens is great for close up and learning the constrains of  your camera. What I’ve been longing for is portrait lens. Yesterday I sold off my last pro level Nikon lens and Today picked up a new Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens. I guess I am now fully a micro four thirds girl.





1. One of my favorite coffee shop logos of ALL time.

2. The lovely Ristretto Roasters on N Williams Portland, OR

3. Collin and Abalard

4. Collin and Macintosh. ( that little guy is gonna be 1 year old on sunday! I can’t believe how quick he has grown up.)


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