SF: Vol 1.

Hey everyone!


I am sitting in the Virgin America Concourse at SFO waiting for my connecting flight home to Portland. The last 10 days have been a whirlwind to say the least. From SF for WWDC to Indiana to visit my family and back. I am glad to be going home to the Puppies. Here are some of my favorite shots from my first day in SF.






Enjoying the view #sf





1-3. The scary small plane flight from PDX to SFO… at least there were lots of pretty clouds to take pictures of.

4&5 Shots from the BART on the way to downtown SF

6. The view at the coffee bean and tea leaf where i waited to meet up with collin after my very early morning flight.

7&8 One of our friends works for Hipstamatic, So in the highlight of my trip, I got to visit and party at the Haus of Hipstmatic. Too cool. (btw all of the photos from my trip are taken with Hipstamatic or Hipstamatic D-series.  I love both of those apps! Infact they live on my home screen. )

9. My favorite end of night bar. House of Shelds… I usually order a Moscow Mule… it usually is never a good idea to drink that much vodka as your last drink of the night, but WWDC stands for World Wide Drinkers Competition right?

Check back all week I have loads of pictures from SF and even more from Indiana. So what do you do to kill time while you have a long layover at the airport? Or do you only fly direct?



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