Last Saturday


It was a perfect Portland spring day. I woke up got dressed biked over to Woodlawn coffee. Collin got dressed while I was gone. We decide to skip the Farmer’s market. Instead we ran errands at some of the cooler boutiques around Portland. On our way to the west side we stopped into one of the breakfast places by my old house.

We took our normal route downtown over the broadway bridge. We stopped at Hive and Design With In Reach to look for a new desk for Collin’s office. We road deeper into The pearl district to Lizard Lounge to buy new wooden sunglasses for me.


We even stopped by canoe just to have a peek around. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, biking around a dry beautiful Portland with the man I love. Most Saturdays when we go to the farmers market we end up crossing back over the River at the hawthorne bridge, heading to a coffee shop somewhere on the east side. This weekend we headed back up north on the west side. As we came up 10th street a man came out of a left side parking space without even looking to see if there was bike traffic. If this would have been a different street in Portland the evasive action I took would not have been a big deal. Unfortunately 10th street is where the portland street car runs. I cut over the track at as close to 90 degree angle as I could. The front tire made it over fine. My back tire hit some loose pavement and slip right in the tracks. I was thrown a few feet from the bike. I landed on my left for arm. I also smacked my helmet on the bumper of a car. I stood up on my own. I know that this sounds cliché but this helmet saved my life.

At 9pm Saturday night I was in emergency surgery on my arm. For the rest of my life I will have 2 metal plates in my arm. I can’t put weight on it for the next 10-12 weeks.

I struggle a lot with being positive. I’m not convince summer isn’t totally ruined. Life right now seems to be defined by what I can’t do. First and foremost, I cannot ride my bike. I am not handling this aspect well at all. I just want the freedom I feel when I ride my bike. I’d like to say that each day it gets easier, but it doesn’t. I have at least one good cry about the loss of this new and vital aspect of my life. To make matters worse, I can’t knit or sew. I can however cross stitch. I am sure I will be able to do more crafting as time goes on. It is going to be a long road of physical therapy before I can get back on daisy. In a few weeks i’ll be able to ride a tricycle. The worst part is Even after my cast is off i am going to have to spend a few months riding a step thru. Incase you were wondering, Dasiy is fine scuffed pedal, and banged up grips is the worst that happened. She currently is living in my office. Collin’s going to take her out every now and then to keep her happy and moving.


So that is where I have been this week. Laying around the hospital for a few days and now relaxing at home. I’ll be back with lots of photos from my walks and to keep you updated on how I am doing. I hope you all have a fun weekend.

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