One month and I am still riding.

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If you would have told me 5 weeks ago when I ordered my bike that I would spend 32 of the next 34 days on a bike I would have laughed. I figured when we bought the bikes that Collin would use his more for commuting and I would just use mine for joyriding around on the weekends. I figured that I never would really love cycling in this very wet and hilly town  I’m kind of amazed at by how attached I have become to my bike. I am also shocked at how much better I feel mentally and physically since starting daily rides. I also love that i can enjoy a new views and places in my city that I would have never known existed if it weren’t for the routes I now take when riding.


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Conditioning came much quicker and easier than I expected. Not to say it was a cakewalk, the first few days I was sore, tired and hungry. (most days i am still a mindless eating machine but i see that as a perk.) Somehow the thrill of soaring along would push me to go a bit farther than I did the day before. The thrill of flying down a hill would push me up the incline before it. Two short weeks later, I rode the 4.5 miles to and from the farmers market. Of course there are vanity perks like losing some flab, and muscles being more defined but really those are icing on the cake. The experience of being on my bike means more than any physical changes I am seeing. The part that took me by surprise is how much thinking i get done while riding. You can’t really talk to other cyclists. I won’t wear headphones because I like to be able to hear cars approaching (this practices saved me from getting rear ended a couple weeks back) It is nice to have time to think about things that need to be done, issues with crafting project, or when something is bothering me there really isn’t anything a nice ride to get coffee can’t fix.


I LOVE my Public Bike. I beyond being insanely cute, it is so easy to ride. I think it is really the little things that make this bike awesome. The Colors and Powder Coating are beautiful. The geometry of this bike means I can wear almost anything and ride. I have wore quite a few skirts and dress of various lengths. It’s nice to be dressed cute, riding down the street on a cute bike. Once my back rack arrives I will start taking the tripod more places so I can take pictures of said cute biking outfits! The internal 8 Hub may be my favorite thing about it. I have always forgotten to downshift when slowing down with a Derailleur. The ability to change gears at a stoplight to get an easy start really has won me over. This bike has taken away a lot of the frustrations that I had with my Schwinn. I am hoping that one day I will have need/room for a second bike. I would love to own one of their dutch step thru bikes with an internal 8 hub, (not yet available, but hey a girl can dream right?)


This month has been the start of something amazing. I’ve done things I’ve never thought I would. I bike around 8-10 miles a day just cruising around my part of town. Last saturday (the actual month anniversary of getting daisy) the sun was shining and I rode around 14 miles. That is just amazing to me. I have even braved a very hard rain to ride my bike to get sandwiches and coffee. I was wet and miserable while doing it but glad that I did. I really need to invest in one of these. I think that it may be key to happy dry riding in the months to come! If you are on the fence about urban biking, get yourself a bike you love and start riding it make just be one of the better choices you make in your life.

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