The Lonely Seamstress.


Sorry posts have been so slow this week. I had planned to talk about a few sewing projects I was going to start and finish up. Well Greta, my 1891 Singer vibrating shuttle machine had other ideas. After a lifetime of use as a non electrical treadle table machine, in the 60s a bolt on motor was added on. When I got her the motor she possessed was about 40-50 years old.  She’s been faithful and true for the last few years we’ve been together. Never had a bobbin case tangle (the benefits of a long shuttle bobbin), Never even had a needle break. I’ve cleaned her and her motor several times, I’ve oiled her and done all the things I should to keep a 100+ year old machine running. But Monday Afternoon while I was trying to get the lining of a clutch put together, the motor sparked and then seized. 8 weeks and 250 dollars from now I could have greta back. I’m gonna wait and try to find a new motor I can bolt on myself. (or my father can come visit and bolt on)  I could use her has a hand cranked machine and I may just do that for very very heavy fabrics (like suede or leather or very heavy denim.  But my new sewing machine arrives on Thursday. So I can start sewing again! hurray!


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