Making the most of the sunshine.

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This past weakend was a roller coaster of weather. Some minutes it would be pouring down rain and with in the hour the sun would be out and shining.




Friday I made it over to Bolt to grab some much needed supplies to finish my cross stitch projects and start a big chevron clutch to throw in my bike basket. I thought i’d take a quick look at Close Knits too while I was in the neighborhood. I picked up a few balls of Cascade 220 in olive green heather to make the Inversion Cardigan.




Collin and I took in as much of sunshine as we could bike riding between our two favorite coffee shops both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday when we left the house to make the short ride to Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry the sky was grey and threatening rain. Shortly after we got there the weather got SO much better!


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Oh hello, blue sky. Where have you been hiding all week! We decided to take a quick jaunt over to another one of our favorite neighborhood coffee places The Albina Press.


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My favorite window seats. I love watching people walk up and down Albina St.  The rainy weather didn’t clear out soon enough for us to bike down to the farmers market. So on our way home we stopped by my favorite little Grocery in portland, Cherry Sprout Produce.


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Seriously grabbed a bunch of fresh veggies for us to make into fabulous things over the week (i made a delightful mushroom and seitan stew from some of them last night.)



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Saturday morning I re-started my cardigan after one of the puppies shook about 2/3 of the ribbing out after running around with it in his mouth friday night. The puppy in question may or may not be named after a computer from the 80s, it’s a good thing he is adorable. After a few hrs each day spent at the coffee shop I have about 11.5 inches of 27 inches needed for this side! most of that is in stockinette too.


Another trip to The Albina Press.

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Finally a stop at the Alberta Street Coop To grab some wine for stew. Hope you all had a lovely weekend too? do anything fun? Now if you excuse me I am going to on a few bike rides about N and NE portland!


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