Photo Friday: Vol 1

IMG 4409


IMG 4382

IMG 4396

IMG 4405




IMG 4398


IMG 4427

IMG 4428

IMG 4438

IMG 4384

1. Daisy and HAL hang out in the living room

2/ New Bike Basket day = Downpours of rain all day

3. Chicken Scratch Table Square

4. Yawning Abalard

5. What I wake up to most mornings

6. Gluten Free Bakery/coffee shop on my way to the fabric store

7. My view of Daisy

8. Almost finished embroidery piece… I’ll have this up over the weekend for sure.

9.Abalard in Black and White

10. Taking the new basket for a spin

11. Coffee, and Starting a new sweater

12. Macintosh’s  ” Sorry I ripped out 2 inches of 2 1/2 needed inches of slipped rib stitches on your new sweater” Face.

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