Cool, rainy and cruel: the Portland spring

IMG 4354


The weather has turned back to it’s  oppressive grey. I keep trying to think of all the positives that I can enjoy while the weather is still like this. (hand knits, hot chocolate, Extra Hot Vanilla Lattes) These small things will keep me going for a bit, but I am not quite sure they will sustain me until June, when the sun shines and the weather turns nicer. I guess until then I will keep myself busy with movies, crafts and very cold wet bike rides. (thank goodness for my new coat and bean boots.)


IMG 4355


IMG 4357

IMG 4365

IMG 4359

1.) Woodland Coffee and Pastry.

2.)Vanilla Latte and the best chocolate chip Cookies in portland.

3.) Daisy, waiting in the mist while i sip my morning coffee

4.) hipstimatic/diptic of the morning’s coffee adventure.

5.) A little sneak peek of my most awesome cross stitching project (I should have two to show you tomorrow.)

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