5 Dresses to sew: spring 2012



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The Museum Tunic by Anna Marie Horner

I love this fabric, it comes in 4 lovely color ways and I could see myself making out of all of them.  I try to limit my self to only making a pattern only twice. I think I will be making this in the lovely Citrus and Dusk color ways.


Anna maria horner little folks square dance in citrus

Anna maria horner little folks square dance in dusk

#4 Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated


Schooldemo tl113

This pattern I plan to make 2 out of a cotton volte and two out of a flannel or wool in the fall. I think this tunic shape is so classic and would be awesome just for lazy days when i want to wear jeans but still look cute. One of the Cottons I have picked out for this spring is another fabric from Maria Anne Horner

FS VAH09 Olive MED

I really want a liberty of london print for the other one I just don’t know if I can bring myself to drop 36.00 a yard. Maybe if I find some on sale. I am totally obsessed with the Pink + Green Fairford

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#3 Meghan Peasant Dress by Sis Boom


I think it would be lovely in this fabric from Heather Bailey

AB NJ hb18sky 2

#2 Eclair by Colette Patterns.


Cp1004 shoulder large

Picking just one of Colette pattern’s dresses was hard. Seriously she has so many kick ass patterns and she is a portland local! I picked Eclair because it reminds me of one of my favorite dress that got lost in one of my many moves. It was black and one day maybe I’ll make a black one to replace it but for my first time out I think I am gonna go with a plain Aqua Cotton lawn.



#1 Honey Girl Sundress- by Pretty Ditty



Think this dress would be love in this very cute Michael Miller Fabric. It is my favorite color combo of Aqua and red and White and would be super cute with red soild fabric covered buttons.

Medium EH 279



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