Market Day: March 24th

NW Portland from broadway bridge.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Portland. The sun shined most of the day it was a lovely temperature out. I spent most of the day riding my bike around portland.


We biked down to the PSU Farmer’s Market. I made it almost all the way there except for the last set of pesky steep hills in SW Portland. Not bad for only seriously biking for 2 days prior. I promise to introduce you to Daisy later this evening.


Daffodils are in full swing. If only they didn’t smell so strong as they die! 🙁


I would love to plant some Pansies in the pots in front of my house. Also how pretty are the succulents on the far right. I have a chipped latte bowl from Antro that i have wanted repurpose as a succulent planter.



One of the most adorable little vegan bakeries. I love her table cloth! So cute!


The longest line for crapes EVER. The Farmer’s market has a bunch of little breakfast/lunch booths. I love crepes. Alas the line for it this morning was way longer than I wanted to wait.


I’ll Be Back Later Tonight to introduce you to daisy.

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