Holding Pattern.

My projects seem to be conspiring against me. I’ve run out of one or more colors of floss on each project that I have started lately.


The first panel of two for the kitchen curtains is almost done, but I ran out of gray Floss!


Then I thought well I’ll work on the panel for the front room/office/dining room Then I ran out of red floss.


So I thought I would do the finishing on this cute thermos set I started in August. I am out of grey bias tape!


The Meadowflower Tote is stalled because i need a lining fabric.I have some Amy butler fabric on it’s way from etsy.


So my mind started to think well maybe I’ll start a new project. Only to have had amazon ship me the wrong sized gingham! SHOOT! So I started to work on a pattern of my own. A chicken scratch embroidery project for the dining table. It’s beautiful so far and I cannot believe that I am almost done with one whole side in a day.


This is what my laptop table has looked like for the better part of the day. Oh how i love that chicken scratch! reminds me of my great grandmother’s house. I’ve been reading my way thru the print edition of Momentum Magazine. How adorable is Naomi from Rockstar Diaries on the cover? In other exciting news! that copy of momentum came to my house with my boyfriend’s new public bike!


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