Let’s Go Ride a bike

A few weeks ago my boyfriend had to get a new tube for his bike. He came home from riding his vintage diamond frame, we started talking about biking together to the farmers market this summer. This would require me to fix up Penelope, my 1976 brown Schwinn Collegiate 5 speed. She needs some TLC and at very least new breaks. Slowly the conversation changed from fixing up our vintage frames to maybe getting new bikes.  His search started and ended with Public Bikes. At the onset of this I was sure I wanted a step-thru dutch style bike.  That brought me to this lovely bike.192035 main

The Electra Amsterdam women’s royal 8i


She is beautiful, romantic  and perfect for wearing skirts. She also checks in at around 40 lbs and with a hefty price tag of $1199. I’ve also read some less then glowing reviews about it’s durability and at 1200 dollars for a bike i want one that will last.


Still on a quest for a step thru I thought I would check out the Public C7

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This is public’s basic model.priced out at 595 (on sale until march 21s)  It has public’s smart styling but it has a derailleur instead of an internal hub. I after reading about how smooth the internal hubs are shifting and how much better they are suited for the rainy weather of portland. so the quest continues If Public ever adds a step-thru frame with a 8 speed internal hub I may have to add that to my collection of bikes as well.

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This one makes my heart flutter.  The Pashley Britannia Internal 5 speed, all english made in a factory in Stratford-upon-Avon. This just makes me want to put on lovely vintage dresses and ride around in a wearing a trench coat. It’s so pretty..but this lovely girl also clocks in around 40 lbs. I just can’t see myself really loving that much weight in a city this hilly.

So the boyfriend kept talking about how cool he thought the public bikes are. So I thought that I would check out their M8 Model.

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The price was a bit easier to swallow. (995 + 135 shipping) I wasn’t quite sure about the Mixte frame. I don’t want to have to “dress to ride my bike” I spent my first few years of college riding a diamond frame around the city of chicago. Hating every minute of it. I wanted to be able to wear skirts get on and off easily. I had rode around part of the south of france on a vintage Mixte frame one summer it was a 3 speed, heavy, and the curved handle bars made it so you had to hunch over the bike.  I wasn’t super stoked on it.   I debated, i flipped back and forth between it and the C3 (like the C7 but with an internal 3 speed hub) and the M8. I scoured the internet read every review on Public Bikes I could find. (My Favorite yeah it’s about a discontinued M3 but close enough) The thing that sealed the deal for me was this adorable video by one of my favorite bloggers Calivintage! She rocks several different skirts and she shows that this Mixte frame is a sweet upright ride. Plus she looks like she is having so much fun on it.  I was sold!

I added this adorable bell

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and will be getting this lovely basket from Clever Cycles here in town.

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This lovely bike should be arriving in the next 7-10 days.. I am hoping that Portland proximity to SF will shorten that wait a bit. March has totally been a month of waiting. At least this time I’ll have my new iPad (32GB LTE) to keep me occupied until she gets she here. I can’t wait to ride my bike around, eat lunch in parks. go to the farmers market. I think this summer is gonna be SO much fun!

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