Rain Rain Go Away… a day short of two years in one of the rainiest cities in the world.


Surprise Surprise it is raining in portland. One would think after two years here, well 1 year 364 days, I would be adjusted to it. For the most part I am. Long gone are days where I won’t even walk to my car in the rain. Long gone are the dreams of every feeling really dry and warm. The days go by faster covered in blankets and with cups of hot tea. My sweater collection has out grown the two sweater boxes that it lived in when I lived in LA. There are days (like today) that I miss Sliverlake. I miss the mile walk from my house to Intelegencia. But on a whole, there is a lot i don’t miss about LA. While I tend to remain in a hermit like state, here at least i feel comfortable enough to go out if I wanted to.

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This week however the rain has been bumming me out. Maybe it’s the fact that I know that in 9-12 days a brand new lovely Public bike will arrive and i will hate the rain even more as I  long to ride it about town. Maybe it’s the fact that last weekend I bought three packets of seeds to start my indoor herb garden and have been waiting for a break in the weather to get some dirt to plant them. It could just be my impatient nature getting the best of me. Friday is new iPad day and Saturday is the opening of the farmers market. Some of  my favorite memories of last summer were of Collin, Abalard and I getting breakfast and coffee and a weeks worth of veggies at the PSU farmers market.  Abalard was so small back then. Even when it rains and rains and the sky is the color of slate for days on end I am really glad that I moved to Oregon.

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1. The local coffee shop where I am currently writing this post!

2. Malibu Beach House

3. Santa barbara Knit Night

4. Central Coast

5. Best Macarons outside of paris

6. Beautiful day at the Farm on Sauvie Island

7. Brunch at my favorite sandwich shop in town, Brass Tacks.

8. Abalard on a walk

9. Rose Garden in fall

10. Macintosh and his brother, when we were picking him out.

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