Coming out of the long dark winter.


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IMG 4183

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1. Favorite Red Tea Cup

2.Starting on The Meadowflower Tote

3. My lovely Loose leaf tea pot

4. Starting on Blossom Napkins

5. Plotting my Kitchen Curtains

6 Finished embroidery panel for The Meadowflower Tote.

This winter hasn’t been particularly kind. I have been quite under the weather for most of the winter. I have spent a lot of time watching knitting podcasts and hulu plus while knitting and embroidering and baking (lots and lots of blueberry muffins). I’ve also guzzled my fair amount of roasted lemonade and lady londonderry tea. Thankfully the sun is starting to shine here for a few hrs a day and the flowers are starting to burst into bloom. To top it all off, I think i am finally starting to feel better (fingers crossed).  The rapidly changing weather has my mind filled with the idea of a new bike. I have my heart set on a new Public M8. I just need to decide what color.

IMG 4181IMG 4182

There is something lovely about that orange… My only concern is it screams “look at me”. Where the powderblue is a touch understated. Oh well with baskets on the back and front I will be the smartest looking girl biking to and from the farmers market this summer.