Reading Goals and Learning to Write

I hope that the first day back to work in 2012 treated you well. I am still sick. (boo)  I am feeling slightly better today than yesterday. I am hopeful for a productive tomorrow. Being sick has given me time to think about a reading goal for 2012. When I was in school I would alway participate in the read-a-thon. Lately I’ve been finding I read more blogs then books. So I thought that a simple goal of one book a month based around a theme could be just what I need to get my bookworm out of hibernation. So I am reading biographies of interesting women. My Book For January is all about the glamourous last french queen, Marie Antoinette.


Another one of the year long projects I am committing to is Code Year. With Code Year you learn programming in weekly interactive lessons. I’ve grown up with computers. I’ve even had a job helping people troubleshoot their computers. It is high time to learn how to make cool shit, even if it is only for my personal use. I hope that some of you will check it out and try code year with me!