Hello, 29.









1. Pile of presents sent from my parents

2. Dolce vita birthday shoes

3. red dress glittery shoes!

4. Collin at Sweetpea Bakery

5. Me at Sweetpea Bakery

6. Un-chicken salad sandwitch (aka heaven) from Sweetpea Bakery

7. Birthday mug and vanilla latte from Water Ave. Coffee Company

8. Getting my hair done

9. More birthday coffee at Fresh Pot Mississippi

10. Portobello Vegan Bistro

11. Butternut Squash Ravioli with Cashew Beshemeil Sauce

12. apple pie vodka drink!


2011 has come and gone. NYE was a total blast. Collin and I went to one lame bar party and ended up at an amazing bar party somewhere eles for midnight. Now I am battling my first cold of 2012. Oh well hope you had a great NYE.