29 before 30

 I’ve made some sort of goal list on my birthday for as long as I can remember. Elise has been publishing them to her blog for several years.  This year I thought I would share it with you. I don’t make new years resolutions, but i have always tried to plan the year ahead based on my birth. (just lucky I guess that it comes with a new year so soon after) . This year I even started an OmniFocus Project for the list!


1. Knit a cardigan 

2. Draw 4 days a week or more 

3. Wear dresses 3 days a week or more 

4. Paint 4 paintings 

5. Take 24 rolls of film 

6. Bake 15 different kinds of bread 

7. Blog more, promote the blog more, make more blogger friends.  

8. Sew the puppies cute walking harnesses 

9. Go To Amsterdam

10. Make better use of Farmers Markets 

11. Open an online vintage store 

12. Collect more vintage Pyrex 

13. Collect modern Fiestaware

14. Buy a Rebecca Minkoff Cupid or MAB

15. Get feather extentions 

16. Have 15 app icons (real or practice) in my portfolio 

17. Sew 4 dresses (one in a pin up style) 

18. Keep growing out my hair and learn a simple vintage styling technique 

19. Sing shows with Collin

20. Make Soy Yogurt

21. Make More Fruit Butters and Jam

22. Create a beautiful office

23. Go to Vancouver BC

24. Go thrfiting at least once a week!

25. Make 52 new dishes to bulid up recipe vault!

26. Explore Seattle More

27. Go Dancing More!

28. Buy a LV Damier Azue Speedy 35

29. Publish an e-book of knitting patterns