An Early Christmas, A Kitchenaid, And The Art Of Making Bagels

So, christmas came a few days early this year. 


Meet Pear, My new Kitchenaid artisan 10 speed mixer. This present is seriously in the running for best Christmas present ever. I mean it is right up there with my first DSLR and my American Girl doll Samantha. Collin is excellent at picking out presents. He always seems to find domestic things that are beautiful and very functional.  He also bought me my Chemex for my birthday last year. That was a present that just kept on giving every afternoon I made coffee with it.  I feel the same about Pear.  It makes me so happy to  see her sitting all shiny and new on our counter. I love to hear her little motor whirl while I am creating my next baking adventure! 

 (Can you spot the lovely Chemex in the background?)

So far I’ve made gingerbread, and tackled homemade bagels. I’ve also run completely out of flour in the process. I think that Pear is gonna require me to make a trip down to Bob’s Red Mill Factory Store.