Buliding The Hive

So – I am lucky to have enough free space that I can create a little studio for myself. I am lovingly calling it “The Hive,” since it will be the main HQ for everything 12oz Beehouse.  I really want to take the time and make The Hive somewhere I want to spend afternoons sewing, knitting, or drawing –  so I’ve been busy looking at the studios of all the artists and crafty girls who inspire me. Here are my top 5 favorites!

#1 Alicia Paulson‘s Old Studio 

I love this space! There is a casual organization to it! My favorite little detail is how she turned that table into a cutting table. It is simply adorable and pretty!

#4 Jenny B Harris



I love the different colors of blue and aqua and red! this is one of my all time favorite combos! The gingham ironing board cover is so lovely! I need one!

#3 Heather Bailey


The mix in this studio of things she found at antique stores and things that her husband made are amazing. I love that main white piece. It would be perfect to protect my fabric and yarn from the weenie dog (he loves to eat both).


#2 Elise Larson




I love how it isn’t so window lit. It’s darker and moodier, and I like that! I also like that she has a communal craft table; that’s kind of awesome!


#1 Alicia Paulson’s NEW craft room




This space is lovely, classic, and clean. The storage is easily weenie proof! Most of my inspiration for The Hive has come from this lovely new space. Ms. Paulson is also a Portlander, so I feel in both studios she has done a lot to maximize the low grey light that we have here. She also has used a lot of beautiful lamps. They help give the space a warm glow.

All of these craft rooms are so beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait to start work on The Hive. All the measuring, treasure hunting, furniture painting, and custom sewing projects will be a lot of fun! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the updates and full reveal!

See you soon