Hello Again, Internet Friends!

Welcome to my brand new blog. Hi! My name is Spencer. You make remember me from my former blog Doodlebird. Pull up a chair, grab a glass of lemonade and we will get started on this new adventure.

So why re-brand my blog? Well, Doodlebird was my first forary into blogging.  When I started Doodlebird I had hopes that it would be a knitting blog, but it evolved into a jumbled mess of my life and kniting and anything else that wandered into my little brain. I want to bring doodlebird back to being a knitting blog, about the projects I knit, and design. When the post content of the blog is relying on me to actually have Finished Objects, I tend to make more time to knit.

So what is 12oz Beehouse all about? I my hope is to turn this into a lifestyle blog. Everything from Cooking to Make-up tutorials, Fashion to Home Decor, even a little crafting. I also plan on sharing little bits of the place I call home, the beautiful but rainy Portland, Oregon.

12oz Beehouse is a charming little place, where I hope to gather everything that inspires me to live the creative life I want. Hopefully, along the way I can inspire you too. Life at somepoints can seem like an endless succession of days that drag on, but only if you let it. So let’s push each other to create more and make life a little more magical.

Talk to you again soon!